Vintage Kodak Cameras Advertisement Poster A4/A3/A2/A1 Print

Vintage Kodak Cameras Advertisement Poster A4/A3/A2/A1 Print

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Paper Size: - A4, A3 A2 or A1

A4 = 210mm x 297mm or 11.7 inc x 8.3 inc

A3 = 297mm x 420mm or 16.5 inc x 11.7 inc

A2 = 594mm x 420mm or 23.4 inc x 16.5 in

A1 = 841mm x 594mm or 33.1 inc x 23.4 inc

All prints are the best possible fit to a sheet of A4, A3,A2 and A1


Our A4 and A3 posters are printed onto quality 210gsm silk coated paper using a high quality Oki laser printer and sent in durable cardboard rolls so that they reach you in pristine condition.

Our A2 and A1 posters are on 260gsm satin coated paper and sent in a similar durable tube.

Please note that watermarks do not appear on the actual prints.

These posters are meant to be affordable reproductions of vintage posters that are rare and hard to acquire elsewhere. We endeavour to digitally restore our images to the best of our ability, but please remember that some of these images are over 100 years old and will show signs of ageing and have the odd crease. Our posters look great on the wall but may not stand up to a thorough examination. I fully admit the small print may be blurred and slight pixelation may occur on certain prints. These are fun items, not works of art.

This particular image has been enlarged from a smaller digital image. We have restored the image to the best of our abilities, using the best technology we have available. This may well still result in some pixelation and buyers should not expect a 100% crisp image.

All images will have a white border as this is necessary in order for the print to be in proportion.

There may be instances where small print is illegible, or there may be some blurring or pixelation on certain prints. PLEASE NOTE that they are not fine art prints, or highly detailed works of art.

Because of the age of some of our posters, a few small imperfections may be reproduced. These should be visible by looking at the larger images within this listing. Some prints may have marks or creases as a result of this. Paper can often degrades with time, and sometimes an image reproduced from the original that may reflect this.