Build Back Better

At some point in September 2021 I notoced that there was a technical issue with e-mails coming through to the Vintage Poster Shop website. Unfortunately I fall into the most dangerous category of technical ability which is that I have some, but not a great deal of technical expertise. And as we all know, a little knowledge can do a great deal of damage.

Whereas I fixed the e-mail issue, unbeknownst to me, this caused our website to disappear from the internet. And despite numerous online chats with Go Daddy, our domain hosts,  and e-mail exchanges with EKM, our shopping cart provider, it became clear that both sides were blaming each other and I was stuck in the middle with no website, and, as far as my Bank Manager is concerned, no sales.

It was at this point I had a look at Shopify and took the decison to Build Back Better. I don't want to take away from The Rothchilds, Agenda 2030, the Global Elite or every other political puppet who is using the exact same slogan, but the term does actually seem to fit here.

Shopify offers us a lot more options and hopefully over the next few months, the new site will evolve into something far better. Please bear with us, but as with the case with any kid with a sparkling new piece of technology, we have jumped straight in and will read the instruction manual later.

We have imported most of the products from the old website and will be adding new stock in due course. Also, with this Blog feature, we will have a monthly update of what new gems we have unearthed. I also plan to have two other monthly blogs, one outlining some highlights of our various collections (as Spotify seems to want to call our categories) and a quirky look at vintage posters from different locations around the world.