• Highlights From May's New Items

    A bit late this month, but here are the highlights of May's latest additions.

    We have added over a hundred new Posters from all over the world, covering a multitude of topics.

    Please check back regularly as we will be adding over 100 new items per month up to and including December.

  • New Items April 2022

    There are some pretty cool new additions to the catalogue this month with new posters in Railway Posters, Airline Posters, Movie Posters, Political...
  • New Items March 2022

    For March we have new designs in Communist Posters, Military Posters, Music, Movies, Advertising, Sports, Airline Posters, Railway Posters, Overseas and UK Tourism. 


  • New Items February 2022

    This month we have new designs in Railway Posters, Airline Posters, Sports and Motor Racing Posters, Overseas and British Tourism Posters and Advertising Posters. These include a number of new Air India posters, starring the Maharaja, who seems very popular, an amazing set of posters from the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games and a number of British Grand Prix Motor Racing Posters from the 1970's and 80's.
  • Flying The Flag 2022

    Using the iconic travel posters, created by British European Airways (BEA) and British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) in the 1950's, 60's and 70's as inspiration, we have chosen 75 of our ultimate travel destinations and created a modern take on a vintage theme.
  • Our Virtual Art Museum

    We are pleased to announce that we have resumed selling our popular Fine Art prints on both high quality paper and inkjet canvas. So who needs The Uffizi or The Prado when you can see all of these great works on Vintage Poster Shop.

    We have selected 125 of, what we like to think, are the finest or most influential works of art ever produced. Art of course is a fairly personal subject and one mans Mona Lisa is a load of Jackson Pollocks to somebody else. Therefore if your favourite artist or work of art is not here, we apologise for our artistic ignorance.

  • Egypt in Vintage Posters

    Each month I will endeavour to go on a scenic journey through a country or a county of Britain using the means of Vintage Posters to illustrate th...
  • Build Back Better

    At some point in September 2021 I notoced that there was a technical issue with e-mails coming through to the Vintage Poster Shop website. Unfortun...