June and July Additions

Apologies for not being able to add a blog for a couple of months, but things have been preety busy here. As per usual, over 100 brand new posters have been added each month to the inventory, the highlights are showcased below.

On top of this , we have finally managed to upload our back catalogue from the old website which includes well over 1000 classic posters, which are now available to purchase again.

The website is an ongoing project and will evolve as more and more items are added. I would like to thank the many customers who have re found us, since our old website vanished from the internet. A blessing in disguise in many ways, as the new Shopify version is far better and much easier to navigate.

Enough of the boring bits. Here are our latest highlights:-

1. Yes it is a beaver with a rainbow flag. Gay pride for beavers? No, it is a rather bizarre promotional poster for the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal Canada.





2. A classic Continental Art Deco Winter Sports poster. This beauty is for the new cable car at Megeve in France.

3. We have tourism posters for all of the places you have never dreamed of going. Mali in West Africa has an abundance of unique fresh water fish species which are celebrated in this poster. Still not on my bucket list though.

4. I have always marvelled at Ski Jumping and how utterly insane you would have to be in order to jump off a ski slope without a parachute. Yet this poster from Norway, clearly captures the marvellous spectacle of it all.


5. This poster was in effect put together in Zaire (Congo) in 1974 and rather crudely at that. Yet it is for probably the most iconic boxing match of all time. The Rumble In The Jungle between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. For those who think The Thrilla in Manilla was better, that's available too!

6. You have to feel sorry for advertising agencies sometimes as they get the most bland products that need sexing up. He is an attempt to make tinned marrowfat peas attractive!

7. Most people know about the British and French Concorde supersonic airliner and maybe even of the Russian Tupolev 144. Few will remember that the Americans also planned to have a supersonic passenger plane too that never came to fruition. Here is a Pam Am poster heralding it's non existent arrival.

8. We have plenty of beautiful travel and tourism posters for India, but very few for it's neighbour, Pakistan. Here is a delightful poster of a roaring tiger, promoting travel to the country.

These are just my choices, but there are so many more I could have selected.
Come back next month as our additions will include, a cool selection of old Soviet posters, a wonderful Flying Scotsman print, a poster for one of the very first vacuum cleaners and some really cool posters from the 1982 Football World Cup in Spain.