New Items April 2022

There are some pretty cool new additions to the catalogue this month with new posters in Railway Posters, Airline Posters, Movie Posters, Political Posters, Military Posters, Theatre, Music, Sport and Tourism too.

It's been difficult to pick five stand out items this month so my advice is to just go to the full inventory and sort by the most newly listed. I am sure there is something for everyone, and if not, come back next month when we will be listing another 100 new items.


My first pick this month is this gorgeous art deco poster from the 1920's promoting Delineator Magazine. This was a popular Women's magazine in the USA from the late 19th Century through to 1937. This beautiful poster dates from 1923.


Being an old communist at heart, I couldn't resist this one that "celebrates" the 40th anniversary of the Deutsche Democratic Republic, or East Germany as we called it over here. To be honest it looks more like a promo poster for YMCA by The Village People, but the cultural and historica; significance of this piece is very important.

I used to love Hammer horror films and used to stay up and watch them with my elder sister on a Saturday night. Here is Christopher Lee in Dracula Has Risen From The Grave and the fact that this is a Japanese release, makes the poster ultra cool.

OK, so Japanese Dracula isn't your thing. So how about Egyptian Batman? Who knew? The caped crusader in Arabic and what's more, we have an Egyptian King Kong Movie Poster too. Not sure Catwoman in a hijab would work though.

I actually wrote a show for The Edinburgh Festival back in the 1990's, so this is a slightly personal choice. Dating back to 1959, this poster promotes the largest arts festival anywhere in the world.

And finally, in light of the current global madness, and politicians seeing dollar signs as their Lockheed Martin shares go bananas. Maybe this poster from just after World War One still has some legs:-