New Items March 2022

In previous years we have accumulated new items over the 12 months and then waited until September to upload everything in time for Christmas. After ten years of complaining that this made August and September far too busy on the work front, we have decided that little and often makes more sense.

So we have decided that each month, we will upload approximately 100 new items to the store and this should be possible for the rest of 2022.

For March we have new designs in Communist Posters, Military Posters, Music, Movies, Advertising, Sports, Airline Posters, Railway Posters, Overseas and UK Tourism. 

Here are my top 5 new items for March

1. This wonderful image dating back to Victorian London is from The The South Eastern and Chatham Railway, one of many companies that pre dated Southern Railways. This poster entices Londoners to the Kent coast and to escape the smoke of the city.

2. A slightly more modern Railway Poster from the 1950's when Blackpool was "Gay and Bright, Day and Night." Not so sure that fits modern Blackpool, but this poster is a snapshot of an age.

3. Although the language is French, this wonderful poster depicts Mao and the Long March of the Chinese Red Army in the 1930's. We also have some wonderful, post Revolution, Chinese Communist Posters.

4. Dating from the 1930's, this is a wonderful image of London's Charing Cross Hotel. Today the area is a bit grim, but this poster portrays better days and the vibrance of London when it was at the heart of The Empire.

5. This has to be my favourite poster this month. Dating from the early 20th Century, it depicts a Polar Bear at Chester Zoo. We have many other zoo and animal posters from around the world. Use our search button to see how many you can find.