The Best of 2023

I haven't had a lot of timeover the past year to update the blog on here, outlining some of our best additions from last year. Maybe it is an idea to look back at some of my favourite posters that have been added in the past year before adding the first batch of new arrivals for 2024.

We are always looking for quirky and new additions to our catalogue of over 7,000 vintage poster designs. We are essentially UK based and many of our items, notably the collection of British Railway posters represent this, however we do source items from around the world and have a vast collection of travel and tourism posters from around the globe. Airline posters are another of our passions an 2023 saw a number of amazing additions to this collection hilst we also saw a number of obscure concert, art exhibition and political posters added too.

The website has come on leaps and bounds since we first started with a clunky old EKM Powershop website. The new Shopify platform that we have used for 18 months has been a galactic improvement in so many ways.

So here are some of my favourite posters that we added in 2023.

The Air India Maharajah is very popular and is an iconic character from the world of Airline advertising. We added a number of new items last year with my personal choice being the bed of nails poster shown here.





The idea of a rock concert in North Korea in support af anti Imperialism may sound bizarre but evidently it did take place in Pyongyang during 1989. Not your average gig poster.






We added some more memorable concert posters from artists such as Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, George Harrison and this one from Joan Jett and The Blackhearts dating from 1982.





Another favourite was this Genesis poster for a gig at The Bataclan in Paris dating back to 1973. We also had concert posters from Bob Marley, The Clash, Madonna and others.





There were some beautiful art exhibition posters featuring artists such as Chagall, Canaletto, Degas and Renoir amongst others. My personal favourite being this one for John Constable featuring his beautiful painting of Salisbury Cathedral.




Whilst on the subject of Constable, here is his iconic Haywain painting being used bt The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in Britain from the 1980's. Maybe they should start issuing new designs given the state of the world currently.



Our ever expanding list of overseas travel and tourism posters had some stunning additions covering every single continent. I was thrilled to add a collection of posters advertising Lebanon as a holiday destination as it is truly a beautiful country, albeit slightly off the agenda currently due to it's noisy neighbours.




There were some iconic sports event posters from around the world with my personal favourites being a selection of Cornhill Insurance English cricket posters from the late 1970's and early 1980's. The one shown here is for the memorable Test series against the formidable West Indies in 1980.




And finally here's one for all of you Ancient Aliens fans. A movie poster for Erich Von Daniken's Chariots of The Gods. Maybe not the most popular movie poster we added during the year, but as i said, I like quirky items.